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Stereology & Image Analysis

We are opening a second call to submit proposals for the organisation of special training sessions, workshops or short courses with ISSIA support in 2018. These sessions could be standing alone or be in conjunction with other major events such as scientific conferences organised by other related scientific societies worldwide.

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The International Society for Stereology and Image Analysis (ISSIA) would like to congratulate Dr. Annick De Backer for being the first awardee of the ISSIA PhD competition with her PhD thesis "Quantitative atomic resolution electron microscopy using advanced statistical techniques (2015)". Annick De Backer conducted her PhD thesis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Sandra Van Aert within the Electron Microscopy of Materials Research (EMAT) group, University of Antwerp.

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The International Society for Stereology & Image Analysis (ISSIA) is an international scientific society aiming to promote stereology and image analysis in a wide range of disciplines, such as mathematics, biomedicine, physics, geology, metallurgy, plant biology, etc. ISSIA organizes alternatingly International and European Conferences every two years.

Stereology is an interdisciplinary field of research concerned with the three-dimensional interpretation of lower dimensional samples of materials or tissues. It utilizes random, systematic sampling to provide unbiased and quantitative data from microscopic images.

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