The winner of the 2022 Outstanding Paper Award in memory of Hans Jørgen G Gundersen is Anna Pukaluk, the first author of the paper Pukaluk et al. (2022): An ultrastructural 3D reconstruction method for observing the arrangement of collagen fibrils and proteoglycans in the human aortic wall under mechanical load (Acta Biomaterialia 141, 300-314). This is an annual award, intended to recognize best papers containing original work in the field of stereology, which are judged on scientific merit, technical and general quality, expected impact, originality, and relevance to stereology.

The authors developed a novel approach that enables the 3D reconstruction of collagen fibrils and proteoglycans as they are embedded in the loaded human aortic wall. This methodological pipeline comprises the knowledge of arterial mechanics, imaging with transmission electron microscopy and electron tomography, segmentation of 3D image data sets with convolutional neural networks, and finally offers a unique insight into the ultrastructural changes in the aortic tissue caused by mechanical stimuli.

Jury members were:

  • Jens R. Nyengaard
  • Luis Cruz-Orive
  • Dvoralai Wulfsohn
  • Aleš Kladnik (non-voting chair)

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