The winner of the 2021 Outstanding Paper Award in memory of Hans Jørgen G Gundersen is Nick Yao Larsen, the first author of the paper Larsen et al. (2021): Cellular 3D-reconstruction and analysis in the human cerebral cortex using automatic serial sections (Communications Biology 4, 1-15). This is the first instance of the annual award, intended to recognize best papers containing original work in the field of stereology, which are judged on scientific merit, technical and general quality, expected impact, originality, and relevance to stereology.

The authors have developed AutoCUTS-LM, an automated system that allows the latest advances in 3D tissue reconstruction and cellular analysis developments using light microscopy on various tissues, including archived tissue, and it can be used with multiple labeling techniques, such as histochemistry, immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization etc. The workflow in this paper involves advanced stereological tissue sampling methods of the human cerebral cortex, an automated serial section collection system, digital tissue library, cell detection using a convolution neural network, 3D cell reconstruction, and advanced statistical analysis. The AutoCUTS-LM pipeline provides researchers with a unique opportunity to study new and archived tissue samples, allowing them to investigate tissue and disease development with nm to µm resolution.

Jury members were:

  • Luis Cruz-Orive
  • Dvoralai Wulfsohn
  • Aleš Kladnik (non-voting chair)

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