The international workshop honoring Dominique Jeulin's enduring contributions to science, research and teaching at Mines ParisTech, organized by F. Willot and S. Forest, has been held on the island of Oléron in June 2018. The goal of the workshop was to promote ideas and establish connections between researchers working in the wide field of mechanics and physics of heterogeneous media, in discrete and continuous systems, from image analysis to models of random structures to homogenization. From all accounts, Dominique's colleagues and friends, from France and abroad, have been very pleased to meet in Oléron for this special workshop.

Because this was a special event, a book at Presses de l'Ecole des Mines has been published for the event, with research articles as well as personal views and recollections from friends and colleagues. Furthermore, two special issues or special topics will be published in Image Analysis & Stereology (editor: Marko Kreft) and International Journal of Solids and Structures (editors: D.A. Hills, S. Kyriakides).

The event received funding from, notably, the International Society for Stereology & Image Analysis (ISSIA), the French Mécamat association, Électricité de France, Armines and Mines ParisTech.

Presses des Mines:

The workshop's honoring Dominique Jeulin:

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