International workshop in honor of Dominique Jeulin

Peninsula of Oléron (Atlantic coast, France), June 17-23, 2018

This international workshop is organized in the honor and in the presence of Dominique Jeulin, after he retired from École des Mines in 2016. The workshop aims to promote ideas and establish connections between researchers working in the wide field of mechanics and physics of heterogeneous media. The main themes of the workshop cover the theoretical and numerical modeling of microstructures and of their electrical, mechanical and transport properties, in solid mechanics and material science. Sessions will emphasize all main topics beloved by Dominique, ranging from probabilistic models, multiscale structures, microstructure evolution, image analysis for materials, homogenization, stochastic analysis, fracture and rupture processes, transport properties of nano-structures, localization in non-periodic media, percolation theory, fuel cell technology and the problem of triple percolation, electric & magnetic properties, optical properties, computational methods.

Call for contributed talks and posters

The workshop will include a limited number of contributed lectures and a poster session. If you want to contribute by a talk or a poster, please fill this form before January 31, 2018. Final decisions on presentation and poster selection will be communicated by February 28, 2018.

The number of talks will be limited due to the available time slots.

More information at the website of the workshop

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